We have assembled a team of highly qualified individuals to sift through all the casinos on the internet so that we can provide you with a list of the best. We believe that only real gamblers know what gamblers like and so we hire only industry professionals who play casino games for a living to weigh in on the choices. We have professionals who specialize in every type of game—from Blackjack to Slots, and from Poker to Keno. Our reviewers are not just people who like to take risks or got lucky. There are men and women who have dedicated countless hours to perfecting their knowledge of each individual game. They know the statistics and the odds. They have intimate knowledge of the rules and strategies. They have tried all the methods in a studied manner, to make sure they work. And we are here to impart their experience and knowledge unto you. The list we have assembled is of the very best casinos in existence today on the internet.

Without further ado, the top ten online casinos:

10: Spin Palace

This is the undisputed mecca for slot machine lovers. They are safe and fair, according to eCOGRA, which means that all their reported payback percentages are accurate and tested. This is of paramount importance to you as a player. Most online casinos treat slots as their number one cash cows and offer the worst return rates on them. Spin Palace, knowing its main demographic, turns the tables and offers excellent payout percentages. Additionally, they offer a very large $1,000 welcome bonus to new players. This incentive is sure to be a boon to players who might otherwise have trouble meeting the maximum bets on the higher paying machines. To those with the bankroll to support pure slots gaming, Spin Palace simply cannot be beat.

9: EuroGrand

Built on the wonderful Playtech platform, the EuroGrand is truly one of the best casinos on the net. The games list is small in size, but on the top of the heap when in comes to quality and attention to detail. To the folks at EuroGrand it was no enough to license the slickest software available. They had to tweak it until it was perfect. Based in Gibraltar, EuroGrand boasts European licensing. They are confident enough in their user experience that they offer a fantastic $1,000 welcome package. Where they shine is in the graphics and sounds. Engrossing, immersive, and extremely slick are the name of the game here. For purveyors of fine things, the EuroGrand does not disappoint. It also offers a great varity of available payment options.

8: Winner Casino

Another licensee of the awesome Playtech software platform. They prove that their software is up to snuff by carrying the Technical Systems Testing seal of approval. This is the same organization responsible for independently auditing state lottery systems. Overkill, to be sure, but it goes a long way to providing peace of mind when you’re in the midst of a game—especially if things aren’t going your way. You can count on the Winner Casino to provide you with fair as advertised odds. You don’t need to tell me that if, you’re a pro player, their advertised payback rates are as good as it gets. They offer 150 of the most advanced games in the world. The Winner Casino won’t send you into the pit without giving you a great gift, though. Expect to get a $1,250 welcome package if you’re a high roller, and you’re good to go.

7: Mr. Green Casino

Just a few short years ago Mr Green was the runt of the litter. It did not appear as though they had what it takes to compete with the big boys. It turns out we were wrong to underestimate them. Instead of licensing expensive software they developed their own 100% Flash based platform. That’s right—no download, ever. At Mr. Green Casino they opted for lean and mean instead of bloated and lumbering. They don’t try to pretend to be a brick and mortar casino and instead revel in the fun of being completely internet based. The graphics and sounds reflect this attitude. One of the ways they have proven themselves worthy is by being verified not by one, but by two independent testing laboratories. If you’re concerned whether or not a casino is fair, look no further. Borth the Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science and Testfreaks verified that the Mr. Green Casino RNG is not only fair, but incredibly advanced, providing results so random as to being indistinguishable from real life. It sounds like a given on paper, but trust us—this is a marvel of computer engineering we’re talking about here.

6: Mansion Casino

Part of the Mansion Group, a veritable empire at this point, the Mansion Casino is the result of many years’ market experience. This was not put together willy nilly. The care and drive to make it one of the best casinos in the world is obvious in every pixel and byte. This casino look good. And why shouldn’t it? It’s built on the spectacular Playtech platform. Playtech is expensive to run so not every casino does, and those that do generally pick just a minimum number of games. Mansion casino went all out and took on the entire catalog. This is the casino for the new millennium and they built it from the ground up to be here for the long haul. Even when it comes to Bonuses the Mansion Casino is a pack leader with an unheard of $5,000 welcome bonus. The Mansion Casino really does have it all. They put their wallet where their mouth is and bring you the most amazing online gambling experience you’re likely to have anywhere this side of Vegas.

5: Grand Reef Casino

We love the Grand Reef Casino. It does away with the glitz and glamour that just looks so chintzy by now. We get it—gold type, ringing bells, and a sleazy veneer. Everyone seems to think they know what a casino is supposed to look like and the mental image is always Vegas Vegas Vegas. The good people behind the Grand Reef Casino are here to remind us that this is not so. There are many types of casinos—from the sleaziest Reno hole the Castle in Monaco. Somewhere along the way they decided that an underwater theme would be the best. And how right they were. When you’re glued to a 14 hour run of Blackjack or Roulette, the last thing you want is to stare at the garish greens and reds everyone else assaults you with. They instead offer up cool blues and soothing sounds accompanied by images of peaceful fish and coral reefs. But atmosphere alone does not an online casino make. Make no mistake, the Grand Reef Casino deserves every bit of its spot in the Top 5. Rand Logic knows what it’s doing and 42 progressive slots, all the latest games a 750 Euro welcome Bonus and more fantastic prizes than you can shake a stick at round up the offerings here.

4: Club World Casino

Three words: US Player Friendly. The Club World Casino knows where it stands where it comes to the law and refuses to kowtow to vague threats. They are one of the last places on earth that allow American players the privilege of gambling with their money. For this reason alone they deserve a top spot. But it doesn’t end there. They offer a spectacular network of gambling options, including a world class sports betting option. Their software is independently tested by the TST, which is the official state lottery testing system for many jurisdictions. This means that you can trust them. If TST says they’re ok, they’re as trustworthy as your state government. They offer one of the most innovative bonuses around, the $777 welcome bonus, which they offer to all new players. UK based customer service means quality through and through. Fantastic state of the art games catalog. Club World Casino is a winner in every sense of the word. We were unanimous in offering one of the top spots in our list to the Club World Casino

3: 7 Sultans Casino

Our #3 spot goes to 7 Sultans. What can we say? We love them. If we love the Grand Reef Casino for taking us out of Vegas and into the deep blue sea, we adore 7 Sultans for pulling us into our own Arabian Nights dream. By now you’ve noticed that we’re suckers for themes. It’s true. But the 7 Sultans Casino is also top of the line in every other way. They offer, hands down, some of the best odds of any casino in existence. Their bonus isn’t extravagant like some of the others, but still among the highest in the industry at $1,000 during sign-up. They offer players real life gifts as well. All expense paid vacations to amazing places. Munich for Oktoberfest, for instance, would definitely constitute a wish come true for any of us in the office. They carry Microgaming’s entire software suite. There are so many games at 7 Sultans that you might never get to play all of them. We are not hesitant to put the 7 Sultans Casino among our Top 3. It is worthy in every way.

2: EuroPalace

In three years EuroPalace Casino has had a meteoric rise in popularity. The Maltese LGA deemed them worthy of their licensing and eCOGRA is an avid proponent of playing with them. They are not only fair and safe. They are downright generous. Their payback rates so high, they are practically unfair to the casino. They took on Microgaming to fuel their software, and they invested in the state of the art Viper software package. The latest offering from Microgaming, and certainly the most advanced. Equal in many ways to the Playtech platform, but filled with over three times as many games. Security is a top concern for EuroPalace, and it shows with over the top 128-bit SSL encryption security, but also military grade firewall protection. It would take hackers 100,000 years with modern computing technology to be able to find a weak spot in their systems. They have a fantastic 1,500 credit bonus for new players so that they can enjoy all the games for free or bankroll themselves into enormous prizes. There is almost no casino in existence today that can outperform EuroPalace…except for our #1.

1: The 888 Casino

The undisputed king of them all. They may not have been the first casino to take money online, but they were the first casino online in many other ways. They revolutionized the industry, always on the forefront of technology. They developed the first fully functioning software platform, which they have perfected since the 1990s and still use today. Their reputation is stellar and par none. They are publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange and licensed in Gibraltar, a UK territory and EU member state. They have over 1000 full time employees dedicated to make the casino run. They boast 25 million players worldwide. The praise can go on and on and on. They consistently rank as the very best online casino in the world and the reputation is well deserved. Their bonuses are industry leading, with a $1,400 welcome package, bolstered by gifts of all sorts ranging from electronics to all expense paid vacations. Their technological advancements have driven the entire industry to better itself with every update and iteration. They were among the first to adopt new technologies such as 3D and Live Dealer. They were one of the founding members of eCOGRA, the watchdog organization that was put together in order to regulate the industry when it needed order the most. The 888 Casino has proven itself time and again as the true industry leader and we were unanimous in our voting to give it the top spot. All of us turn to 888 on a regular basis as our first choice and so should you. Not only highly recommended. This is the best online casino in the world, bar none.